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The Forest Eleven Meeting in Jakarta, 12 October 2009

The Government of Indonesia has conducted the Forest Eleven (F-11) Meeting in Jakarta on 12 October 2009. The meeting has endorsed the Jakarta Declaration which officially launched the F-11 cooperation as well as set out the modalities, program of work and concrete cooperation projects of F-11 cooperation. At this stage, the F-11 member countries are in process of preparing the implementation of their respective projects which will serve as a mechanism for sharing of knowledge and information among F-11 member countries.

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Documents Meeting & Events Projects

Jakarta Declarationon the Promotion of Dialogue and Cooperation of Tropical Rainforest Countries(Forest Eleven/F-11) Jakarta, 12 October 2009

Modalities of the Tropical Rainforest Countries (Forest Eleven/F-11) Dialogue and Cooperation

Program of Work 2010 – 2011 of Tropical Rainforest Countries Cooperation (Forest Eleven/F-11)

Report of the Techncal Expert Group Meeting of the Tropical Rainforest Countries(Forest-Eleven/F-11) , Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Joint Statement Tropical Rainforest Countries’ Leaders New York, 24 September 2007

Tropical Rainforest Countries Cooperation Framework

Senior Officials Meeting of the Tropical Rainforest Countries (Forest Eleven/F-11)

National Strategic plan on the readiness for REDD

The Role Of Social Forestry Towards A Resilience On Climate Adaptation And Mitigationa

TOR for an Extended-Panamazonia Project: watching the world forest through satellite Remote Sensing

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Special Leaders Meeting of Tropical Rainforest Countries(TRC) New York, USA 24 September 2007
The Technical Expert Group Meeting Of The Tropical Rainforest Countries (Forest Eleven/F-11) Nusa Dua , Bali , Indonesia 26-27 May 2009
Senior Officials Meeting of the Tropical Rainforest Countries (Forest Eleven/F-11) Jakarta, Indonesia, 12 October 2009
Forest-11 in UNFCCC COP-15 2009 Coopenhagen December 15 2009